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Best Fit out company for Airports | USBC Interiors Dubai


For more than 18 years, the USBC Interiors team has worked in airports on all elements of Fitout construction. Several employees of our company have Airport's Passes.

Which indicates we have the necessary expertise, knowledge, and authorization to work in areas such as Airport terminals, Airport Lounge, airside, landside, and aircraft handling.

Airport interior construction involves designing and building various spaces within an airport, such as terminals, concourses, lounges, and retail areas. The construction process typically involves a combination of architectural design, engineering, and project management to ensure that the airport interior is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets the needs of passengers and airport staff. Some key factors to consider in airport interior construction include maximizing space utilization, optimizing passenger flow and wayfinding, ensuring adequate lighting and ventilation, and providing necessary amenities such as seating, restrooms, and food and beverage options. Additionally, airport interiors must meet strict safety and security standards, including the use of fire-resistant materials, installation of smoke and fire detection systems, and adherence to building codes and regulations.

Given the complexity of airport interior construction, it often involves collaboration between various stakeholders, including architects, engineers, airport operators, and construction firms. Effective communication and project management are critical to ensure that the construction process runs smoothly and is completed on time and within budget.

In recent years, many airports have sought to enhance the passenger experience through the use of innovative interior design and technology. This includes the incorporation of natural light, the use of sustainable materials, and the integration of digital signage and interactive displays to improve wayfinding and provide real-time flight information. Overall, airport interior construction plays a vital role in creating a functional, safe, and enjoyable airport experience for passengers and airport staff alike.

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