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BOHEMIAN interior design

Bohemian style stands for a free-spirited aesthetic that tries to show different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style with main focus on organic elements and nature. When we use the Bohemian style in villas renovation in Dubai or Cafes for interior design and fit-out companies in Dubai. Our focus is to mix patterns, metals, woods, and materials, animal hides. The aim is to give the specific culture style with the use of modern texture in the interior design and fit-out companies in Dubai.

MONOLITHIC Interior Design

The use of Monolithic Design in Architecture is also very common in interior design in Dubai. The use of same type of material especially stone or metal is becoming very famous in design and Fitout companies in Dubai. Many big brands are using monolithic in their interior design works. Basically, the concept of using the monolithic concept in interior design is to keep the cost minimalistic and give the premium and simple look to the café. When it comes to Urban Science, we have used monolithic design in around 20 plus cafes fit-out and decor in 2022. Therefore, we call this the choice of 2023 for the best interior fit-out in Dubai.

Is the use of a single type of material, usually stone or metal, that is carved, cast or chiseled to create masterful pieces used in interior design and architecture

HUES OF ORANGES Interior Design

When the client wants his brand color in the café and insist you to use it more and more. What do you do? Don’t worry at Urban Science Interiors we have a solution for that also. The concept of hues of orange is developed by the urban science architect team itself. In this design we use the same shades of orange in different ways which helps to keep the brand color as well as the interior design look premium. Developing different themes for interior design and changing imagination into reality. Therefore, we call our team the best interior design fit out team in Dubai.

Well, yes, no doubt the year 2022 had been the little tough year in terms of business. But the involvement of different themes, styles and colors especially in architect industry gives us the positive hopes in the interior design business in Dubai.

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