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Metal Mixing Magic: Elevate Your Interior Design in 2023! | USBC Interiors

Metal Mixing Magic: Elevate Your Interior Design in 2023!

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Welcome to our blog - Top interior design company in dubai - USBC Interiors. Have you ever heard of mixing metals in interior design? but you know most of interior design companies in dubai use that method of metal mixing to gave your space an extraordinary look. It's a really cool trend that designers are using to make homes look even better! Mixing metals means that designers use different metals together in furniture, lights, and decorations to create a unique and beautiful look When designers mix metals , they have to make sure that the metals look good together. They start by choosing one metal to be the main one and then use others to match it. For example, if there is a shiny copper lamp in a room, they might use picture frames that are silver or gold to match it. Designers can also mix metals by using different finishes. Some finishes are shiny and reflective, while others are more matte and dull. By using different finishes together, designers can create a contrast that looks really cool. A great example is mixing a shiny brass finish with a matte black finish to create a modern and trendy look in a room.

In Dubai, there are really cool interior design companies like USBC Interiors that can help you make your home look amazing with mixed metals. They are experts in mixing metals and creating beautiful designs that will make your home stand out. They can help you choose the right metals and finishes for your home and create a look that is unique and special just for you! One way that designers use mixed metals is in lighting fixtures. Lighting is important in interior design, and by using mixed metals, designers can create a beautiful and unique look for any room. For example, they might use a shiny silver light fixture over a dining table and then mix in other metals with accessories like candle holders or tableware.

Another way to mix metals is in furniture pieces. A really cool example is using a metal coffee table with legs made of a mix of metals like brass and stainless steel. This creates a statement piece that adds interest and dimension to any living room. Mixed metals can also be used in decorations, like mirrors or wall art. For example, designers might mix metals in a frame for a mirror or a picture to create a unique and stylish look. This is a great way to add personality to any room and make it feel special and unique. So, if you want to make your home look even better, try mixing metals in your interior design! You can start small with things like picture frames or candle holders, or go big with a statement piece of furniture and you also achieve the profesionalism of top interior design companies in dubai. Still looking for an top interior design company in dubai ? Consider us.

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